At Nature’s Temptations we have aisle after aisle of Natural and Organic groceries. All our foods are minimally processed, and are free of artificial additives, dyes and preservatives.

We carry products for individuals with special dietary needs; such as gluten- free, sugar- free, wheat- free, salt- free, and dairy- free foods to satisfy your special need.

Have special organic or natural food requests?  Special dietary needs?  If we don’t have what you’re looking for, please ask our staff and we will be happy to get it for you.  Or send us an email.

Health and Beauty

Have a natural beauty question? Come in and ask Nina. She can even show you how to use the very popular Larenim mineral makeup line. We carry superb products including: Aubrey Organics, locally produced natural Three Seeds Products, Badger aromatherapy and skin products, Plant Life natural aromatherapy soaps, Everyday Shea, Giovanni shampoos, Tom’s of Maine, Desert Essence Organics, Alba,  and many more.


Complete health includes what we breathe, eat, think and how we treat our planet. We carry recycled, unbleached, lowest toxicity household products that we trust, like Seventh Generation, BioKleen and the locally-produced citrus based cleaning agents by Citrasolv.


Our produce is 100% organic so you don’t have to worry about which items are most nutrient-dense. 100% USDA Certified Organic Fruits and Vegetables.All of our Organic produce is delivered fresh. Our produce contains no synthetic pesticides, herbicides or GMO’s (Genetically Modified Food). Experience the great taste of Organic Fruits and Vegetables that provide superior nutritional benefits.




We carry D’Artagnan natural and organic meats, bison burgers, local beef, and hormone-free free-range chicken.


Our refrigerated area has Organic, free-range eggs, milk, local raw milk, yogurt and a fantastic selection of artisan goat, sheep, and cow cheeses, many from regional sources, some raw, some aged, some bleu, all delicious.

Lactose intolerant? We carry soy, coconut, goat, and rice yogurts. Want more info on raw milk? Check out Connecticut’s raw milk advocate, Dr. Ron Schmid:


We offer 100 BULK FOOD items including many gluten-free grains and foods.

Buying in BULKSAVES money, HELPS the environment, REDUCES food waste, allows FLEXIBILITY to buy a pinch or a pound.


Frozen foods save prep time in our busy lives. Freezing can even lock in nutritional value of fresh foods.

Besides a variety of fresh frozen vegetables, fruits, fish and meat, we have frozen dairy and non-dairy desserts, wheat and gluten-free foods, as well as meat, fish and prepared vegetarian entrees. We have Organic and Natural beef, chicken, turkey, buffalo, and sausage. We carry frozen breads from sprouted grains, breads with no sweeteners, and no salt too.