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Toadstool Labs Demo

Come learn about the healing properties of these organic mushrooms – Organic Reishi: The Syrup of Immortality, Chaga: Black Gold Syrup, and Reishi, Chaga, and Turkey Tail: The Trinity Toadstool Labs Oath to You We will NEVER cut corners, we will ALWAYS put YOU and the product FIRST. We will ONLY source the finest ingredients Mother Nature has

SilverTek NanoFit Mask Demo

Come learn about SilverTek NanoFit Masks • No-Wash ViralOff ® Technology • Nanofiber filtration for optimal breathability • All-day wear comfort combined with a sleek design The NanoFit Mask is infused with ViralOff®, an antimicrobial treatment that protects the mask and eliminates the need to wash it. This four-layer replaceable nano filter protects from particles

IN:TotalWellness Tasting

Come sample IN:TotalWellness fast-acting effervescence drinks – Sleep, Pain and Stree Formula. A new approach to naturally healing pain, anxiety, and sleeplessness. LOCAL product from Fairfield, CT


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