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Organic Roast Turkey: fresh roasted turkey breast, carved to order, topped w/ fresh cranberry sauce $9.99

Free-Range Grilled Chicken: balsamic marinated chicken breast, fresh roasted peppers, mozzarella topped with our vinaigrette on choice of bread $7.95

Sliced Turkey: thin deli sliced turkey, maple glazed bacon, lettuce, tomato and pesto-mayo $7.99

Roast Beef: nitrate-free, horseradish spread,onions and lettuce. $7.99

Ham: nitrate-free sliced ham, brie, pesto mayo, lettuce and tomato $7.99

Curry Turkey Salad: turkey breast, carrots,celery and green peppers laced with curry mayo $7.99

Chicken Walnut & Dill: chicken breast, walnuts, raisins, dill, peppers, onion, mayo $7.99

Chicken Caesar: grilled chicken, Caesar dressing, lettuce and onion $7.75

Tuna Salad: deep sea, dolphin safe tuna,fresh dill, and seasonings and mayo $8.45

Organic Vegetarian & Vegan Selections

Tofu Salad or Tempeh Salad: seasoned tofu or tempeh and veggies mixed with Vegannaise $7.45

Falafel: falafel, hummus, cucumber, carrot,lettuce, tomato, cilantro-yogurt sauce $8.95

Hummus: served with sprouts, lettuce,tomato, tahini $7.45

Avocado-Roasted Pepper: avocado spread on bread with fresh roasted peppers and sprouts w/ vinaigrette $7.75

Tempeh Reuben: grilled seasoned tempeh, sauerkraut, choice of cheese, and Russian dressing on rye $8.45

Roasted Veggie: roasted vegetables,hummus, avocado, lettuce, and tomato $7.99