The Importance of Bone Health

June 14, 2011 | Jeff Konchalski

Make no bones about it- a healthy skeletal system is one of the key components for overall longevity and well-being.  Here are a few tips to achieve and maintain optimal bone health.

Exercise! Most of us reach our peak bone mass in our 30’s, after which the strength and density begins to diminish.  Regular exercise helps to slow down the decline.  Standard weight-bearing exervise is mandatory-free weights, running, and walking.

Eat more foods that are part of the “alkaline diet.”  This diet is rich in minimally processed plant and animal foods, including fresh citrus, vegetables, nuts and legumes.  Limiting grains, dairy, meat, sugar,  caffeine and alcohol is also part of the diet.

Confirm you’re consuming enough calcium, as it is extremely vital to bone health.  Required supplements include Vitamin D, boron and calcium magnesium.  All women should get a blood test to check progesterone levenls and remember – teeth are bones too!

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