Managing your weight

July 08, 2011 | Jeff Konchalski

Managing your weight naturally isn’t as big of a harship as you would imagine.  Just a little common sense and these eight tips will go a long way in helping you shed those excess pounds and manage a healthy weight:

~Slow down!  Sit down in a relaxed, calm setting while eating, and chew your food slowly and completely.

~Limit your intake of high-carbohyrdate foods and avoid them altogether after 5pm.

~Reduce your consumption of processed foods including sugar, flour, chemical laden and artificial foods as well as artificial sweetners.

~Incorporate an enzyme supplement (such as Lypo Gold + enzymedica, CLA, chromium or L-carnitine) to aid digestion.

~Have your hormone levels checked regularly.

~Try replacing one meal with a healthy protein shake daily.

~If you overeat, try practicing meditation to relax.

~Sleep and exercise are essential for a healthy lifestyle for everyone-especially for those looking to lose weight.

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