Food Tips to help your child stay focused…

September 09, 2011 | Jeff Konchalski

so school days don’t become school daze.

With the advent of Labor Day, we start getting into the “back to reality” mode- meaning the summer is over and the children are back in school.  After three months of vacation, your child may need a little (or lot) help mentally getting back into the daily routine.  Most of this is simple common sense, but here are a few diet tips than can help, along with some recommended supplements.

Diet tips include avoiding foods high in sugar for breakfast.  Read the ingredients-even cereals that tout themselves as “healthy” contain enough sugar to cause your child to “spike” early and “bonk” shortly afterwards.

The same rule applies to fruit juices- do your home work and read labels!  The best breakfast contain protein and complex carbs – protein shakes, eggs, and oatmeal all fit the bill.

As far as the rest of the day goes, staying nourished is paramont.  Children should eat three balanced meals and two helathy snacks daily –  A HUNGRY CHILD HAS DIFFICULTY STAYING FOUCSED AND CONTROLLING EMOTIONS.  An orange for a snack helps children refuel energy naturally and maintain focus.  There are some great some good snack bars on the market that can go in your child’s backpack that are low in sugar and made with complex carbs.  Foods containing refined sugars, too many ‘junky’ carbs, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, have been shown to aggravate ADHD.  And make sure your children are drinking plenty of water!

Many parents have found supplements including fish oil (high DHA), a calcium/magnesium supplement to help with neurotransmitters and promote healthy sleep.  In addition, parents have found testing their children for heavy metal toxicity and food sensitivities has been helpful.

Remember – when blood sugar is low, it has been shown that it leads to decreased brain function.

Whether you’re going to school or not, taking a good muti vitamin daily is essential for everybody.  Of course, regular exercise also helps elevate your mood, attitude, and self esteem.

Here at Nature’s Temptations, we wish you a happy and healthy school year!  Class dimissed!


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