A Few GREAT Reasons to Love Local Food!

May 03, 2011 | Jeff Konchalski

The Choices we make when it comes to nourshing ourselves is one thing we often take for granted.  In this fast-paced world, many of these decisions are made strickly out of convenience and/or price, and not always for the greater good of both the enviornment and our bodies.                                                                                        

 Why local?                                                                                                                                


The next time we enter a ‘big box’ store remember this:

 If we all spent $50 a week in 3 independant local retailers in our community- the return would be 68% of their income back to our local economy!                       

 Food that is produced locally can be surprisingly less expensive than you would imagine.  Locally produced meat and produced are immune from the high marketing, transportation, and logistical costs that make up a large percentage of the prodcut’s price tag.                       








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